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01st May 2018

M&S has launched pre-mixed gin and tonic cans and they come in two flavours


Denise Curtin


Long gone are the days when we pre-mixed our own G&T, no no, are notions are too high for that now, now we can handily pick them up in pre-mixed cans and the options are becoming endless.

Last week, Gordon’s Gin launched pre-mixed cans featuring their millennial PINK gin and now, M&S just dropped two cans of their own London Distilled Dry Gin. Hurrah!

Titled “Spice” and “Zest”, each can features a distinct flavour and mixed with their Indian tonic water. Delish.

The first can “Spice” features hints of jasmine, fennel and lemon balm.

While their second can “Zest” features flavours of “liquorice, coriander and Angelica.”

We can already picture ourselves cracking these open while sitting outside in the sun, enjoying a tasty BBQ, the DREAM. The cans are expected to cost €2.85 each.

And this isn’t the only gin product M&S has recently launched, one month ago the UK store launched GORGE British Lavender and British Rose gins in beautiful packaging. The gins which are purple and orange actually CHANGE colour when you add tonic. DECEASED.

You can read all about these divine new additions here.