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31st Oct 2021

M&S has just brought out the perfect ready-mixed espresso martini cocktail

Trine Jensen-Burke

M&S Espresso Martini cocktail

The festive season is looking even better.

If you are anything like us, you love a good cocktail, and would love to serve them to your friend when entertaining, but can we all agree that making them at home can be such an ordeal?

All that measuring and pouring and shaking and muddling, I mean; just thinking about it can make us all just reach for the bottle of wine instead.

Enter: the ready-made cocktail. As in – all the quality of a freshly mixed tipple in one convenient serve? Sounds like a win-win to us.

And right now, M&S have gone and made all our dreams come true with their brand new Vanilla Espresso Martini – a delicious Espresso Martini cocktail that is part of their new range of ready-mixed cocktails for the party season.

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Sounds amazing? I know?

The cocktail, which smells like a decadent tiramisu dessert with heady hints of vanilla and fresh coffee, could really not be easier to make at home.

Each bottle makes four cocktails, and all you do, is add 125ml per person to a shaker with ice (this helps create the frothy top) and shake away to your hearts content before pouring into a chilled martini glass.

Oh, and if you’re feeling particularly fancy, garnish with three coffee beans on top – for added flair.

Still not convinced?

We’ll have you know the M&S The Marksologist Madagascan Vanilla Espresso Martini Cocktail just won #1 in Good Housekeeping’s 12 Best Bottled Cocktails for Christmas 2021 – and so we don’t know about you, but we are off to M&S now!