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27th Dec 2019

Mocktails: 3 super-tasty non-alcoholic drinks to serve your pals this festive season

Trine Jensen-Burke

Total crowd-pleasers.

Whether you are throwing a dinner party this festive season and hosting a pregnant friend, or maybe you just want to keep the drinks on the healthier side, these ‘mocktails’ are not only very appropriate for the season, but also seriously delicious.

Who needs alcohol anyway?

1. Maple Apple Cider

Pretty much the perfect thing to serve on an chilly autumn evening.

For the full recipe, head over to

2. Carrot Ginger Lemonade

Carrots, ginger, and lemon are always a dream together, and so refreshing and vibrant as a lemonade.

For the full recipe, head over to

3.Sparkling Winter Berry Cocktail

Serve it with sparkling water or 7Up for all the pregnant ladies, or jazz it up with Prosecco or Cava for those who are still enjoying alcohol this festive season.

For the full recipe, head over to