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07th Mar 2019

Milk coke is a real thing that real people are drinking and we’re calling the guards

What kind of sick individual...

Anna O'Rourke

In today’s divided society, there are a few crucial ties that still bind.

We may not agree on much but what we should all agree on is that mixing milk and fizzy drinks is sick and wrong.

Unfortunately, it’s happening.

Yes, milk coke is now a thing and it’s very upsetting.

British comic James Felton first made the case for this abominable concoction earlier this week.

He took to Twitter claiming that people from Birmingham “love it” and shared some imagery that readers may find distressing – including one of him actually drinking milk coke.


Felton called on others to “move on from this discussion now,” but his sick admission had already ignited a fierce debate.

Most right-minded folk agreed that milk coke is an assault on all that we hold dear and that Felton should really be committed to an institution.

But some milk coke fans came out of the woodwork to support the case for this repulsive drink.

Some people (who really should have their internet privileges taken away) even tried it for themselves.

We’re going back to bed – wake us when this dystopic nightmare is over.