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14th May 2016

McDonald’s are trialling fresh beef in their burgers for the first time

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Important fast food news: McDonald’s is trialling fresh beef burgers.

Your immediate reaction to this seismic development in cuisine is probably either “good for them, though on my regular 3am visits I’m not usually fussy”, or “wait, if this is a new thing what the hell was I eating before?”

Well as it turns out McDonald’s has been using frozen burger patties since they first opened in 1955. The trial is currently taking place in 14 of the chain’s Dallas restaurants. Sneakily, they’ve been serving the fresh patties since November without making it public, and asking customers for their taste feedback.

There’s no confirmation yet about whether the plan is to expand the new storage method out of the US if it’s successful, and at the moment the experiment only includes quarter pounders.

Lisa McComb, a McDonald’s spokeswoman, said in a statement: “Like all of our tests, this one is designed to see what works and what doesn’t within our restaurants.”

A look at the social media reaction, however, suggests the public still need convincing.

In an attempt to fight off the numerous up and coming hipster burger joints McDonald’s has been going through a bit of a revamp recently. We recently discovered that they’re testing out garlic fries in selected US restaurants, and the Americans are also getting an even bigger Big Mac.