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21st Mar 2023

Petition launched to bring back McDonald’s ice cream sundaes


Bring back the McDonald’s sundaes.

By Fiona Frawley.

When McDonald’s formally axed their beloved eurosaver ice-cream sundaes back in the summer of 2018, the country was just short of announcing a national day of mourning.

It’s one of those monumental events, the kind everyone remembers where they were when it happened – like 9/11 or Michael Jackson dying. When Maccies 86’d that hot caramel sauce, the world stopped turning for a brief moment and honestly, I don’t think we’ve ever recovered.

Five years and a global pandemic later, the sundae stans are rising up and campaigning for a return of the iconic dessert.

Sundae enthusiast Andrea Horan has started a petition calling for the sundae to be returned to Irish McDonald’s, pointing out that branches all over Europe still have the soft-serve delight on their menus.

“All across mainland Europe, America and further afield, the sundae remains on the menu.  C’mon, we voted the way you wanted eventually on the Lisbon Treaty, surely that means we get the tasty goods our European pals get to enjoy?

“Bring back the Sundae. And stop trying to make the McFlurry happen.  Not fetch”, the petition reads.

So far, the petition has garnered 679 out of 1000 signatures, with supporters rightfully pointing out that “a McFlurry is just not the same”.

The petition is still available to sign over on, for anyone who feels passionately about the subject. Which is everyone, let’s be honest.

This article originally appeared on LovinDublin.