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02nd Oct 2017

McDonald’s are selling chocolate fries and they look… interesting

Trip to Japan, anyone?

We thought McDonald’s introducing pizza to some of their menus abroad was a big deal.

Turns out that was nothing compared to what the lads over in Japan have got.

Chocolate fries.

Yep, literal chocolate covered french fries that you can go into McDonald’s for, buy, and… enjoy, we guess?

Uh oh. How can we be here and not try it, right? #McDonaldsChocolateFries

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If, like us, the very thought of chocolate fries is enough to turn your stomach, we don’t blame you.

However, upon having a bit of a lurk through social media for some images of these fries in action, we have to say – they don’t look half bad.

However, don’t be getting you chocolate-y hopes up because, for now, these fries are only available in Japan.

The fries come in a little open-top box with a sachet of white and chocolate sauce so customers can put as much (or as little) chocolate sauce over their chips.

I mean, we put Nutella on toast, this is pretty much the same thing… Right?