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08th Jan 2019

McDonald’s is bringing back the Galaxy McFlurry, so 2019 is officially unreal

Rebecca O'Keeffe

galaxy mcflurry


Hello 2019, you sexy little ride!

As we welcome the dawn of a new year, we’re all really excited to see what it will hold for us.

Love? Money? Career moves?

Meh, all that sounds fine, but really, we want one thing, and one thing only.

We’re delighted to inform you all that McDonald’s is bringing back the Galaxy McFlurry.

Making 2o19 the best ever (and we’re only half way through January).

Basically, it is a tub of delicious ice cream with Galaxy chocolate and caramel swirled throughout.


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Galaxy Caramel McFlurry is back! ? Photo: @mcdonaldsuk

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We’re actually drooling!

Twitter is obviously delighted by the news too, with many users sharing their delight.

One user said: “McDonald’s have brought back the Galaxy caramel McFlurry back and suddenly January has been saved.”

Another added: “Galaxy caramel McFlurry is a shout.”

And they’re not wrong!

It may be cold out, but it’s honestly never too cold for a cheeky McFlurry!