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23rd Sep 2019

Marks and Spencer have brought back their popular ‘no peel’ kiwis and we’re intrigued

Oooh, hello?

A kiwi that’s not furry and doesn’t need to be peeled?

Do tell us more.

If you’ve ever had a kiwi then you can chime in with me by saying they’re absolute hassle. The skin is awkward, the fruit is messy and your hard labour leaves you quite fruitless (excuse the pun) because they’re so tiny.

But, Marks and Spencer, the home of millennial dreams with their stunning dishes and satisfying condiments has dropped another bizarre yet, delightful product – a no peel kiwi.

Looking like swollen grapes, these kiwiberries are a lazy girl’s dream and lunchbox perfection!


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“They’re BACK – our perfectly ripe Baby Kiwis! Deliciously sweet and juicy these NO-PEEL Baby Kiwis are perfect for lunch boxes!!” Marks and Spencer wrote as they alerted plenty of happy fans who too chimed in with excitement.

Again, we’re intrigued. A lot of people getting excited for fruit has got to mean it’s very stunning, right?

We’ll be the judge of that.