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13th Apr 2021

Lidl’s new low calorie ice cream to rival Halo Top – and it’s only 3 quid a tub

Jade Hayden


Ice cream is great, you should eat lots of it.

For some, however, ice cream is less great because it’s not super high in protein or low in calories. And although most of us should avoid calorie counting in our day to day lives, for those operating under a strict workout regime, or trying to lose a little weight in a healthy manner, sometimes the option for a low calorie delicious treat is exactly what they need.

Generally, low calorie ice cream brands carry a hefty enough price tag. And that’s okay, most of the time, they’re worth the money.

But thankfully, Lidl have just launched a new low calorie high protein ice cream that won’t break the bank, as it’s less than three quid at tub. Class.

The ice creams come in three flavours: Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel and cost just €2.75 per tub. They’ve also start at less than 300 calories per tub too, so if you’re in the market for a post workout treat, or simply hoping to cut back a bit on your regular ice cream consumption, you’re sorted.

And if ice cream ain’t your thing, never fear because the retailer has also launched a new range of high protein, low fat yoghurts and puddings.

These puddings come in Vanilla and Chocolate flavours and are €1.29 each while the yogurts come in a variety of flavours including Blueberry, Raspberry, Cherry and Orange, and will only set you back 99c per pot.

Those looking to reduce their dairy consumption can also rejoice as the latest addition to Lidl’s new Just Free range includes their new plant based milks (yes, including oat), selling at just €1.99 per carton. Fairly cheap for a milk alternative, in fairness.

The new range is available to buy in Lidl stores across the country now.