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11th May 2021

Dublin’s Eatyard is serving boozy 99s now

Excuse me, just off to get some ice cream.

With everything starting to open back up again I think we’re all looking forward to some summer days out.

And what is the best treat to have on a lovely summer’s day? That’s right – ice cream.

And how do you make it even better?

By adding a dash of alcohol of course, and that’s exactly what you can get down in Eatyard this summer.

Yes that’s right, boozy soft serve ice cream exists and we can’t wait to get our hands on some!

The Soft Ralph recently set up shop at the popular Eatyard in Dublin 9 and we can see their ice creams being a huge hit this summer.

The Soft Ralph’s ice cream comes in four delicious signature flavours including ‘The 69’ which is a 7%abv malted vanilla flavour. It’s like a 99, but harder.

After the last year and a half that we’ve had in and out of lockdown, this is the summer treat that we’ve been waiting for.

The Soft Ralph also have a selection of other flavours including The Krunchy Nut, pictured above.

The Krunchy Nut is topped in crunchy nut cornflakes, peanut butter powder with a dash of White Ralph.

There is also The Coffee Date, ice cream topped with coffee dust and coffee syrup from Indigo And Cloth.

If you’re an absolute chocolate fiend though, The Halva Nice Day is the one you’ll be looking for, as it’s topped with chocolate halva pebbles and black sesame seeds – which sounds absolutely divine!

If you want to get your hands on one ASAP you can order The Soft Ralph from Eatyard in Drumcondra, Dublin 9.