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05th May 2016

KFC have realised a line of chicken-flavoured nail polishes

Finger lickin' good

Chicken? Good. Nail polish? Good. Chicken-flavoured nail polish?



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We’ve heard of fast food chains making unusual items to entice customers, like Burger King’s black Whopper, or McDonald’s recent attempt at garlic fries:

But chicken flavoured cosmetics? We just don’t know.

According to Marie Claire, the polishes come in “hot and spicy” and “original” flavours and you just paint your nails as normal, and lick away.

Unfortunately for those who are interested, they are currently only available for purchase in Hong Kong.

They’ve even released a music video advertisement celebrating the release of the polishes.

“The recipe for our edible nail polish is unique and was specifically designed to hold the flavor, but to also dry with a glossy coat similar to normal nail polish,” says Ogilvy (the agency that created the campaign) creative director John Koay told ADWEEK.

We think we might just prefer to actually eat the proper chicken out of a bucket thanks.


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