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31st Mar 2017

Where do you keep your butter? This fresh food row has us divided…

Niamh Maher

We’re not sure how we feel about this one.

Every now and again a food debate arises that can divide nations, families, and offices. The pineapple on pizza or the milk in tea debates have caused many a spat round these parts.

Well, this could be the one that brings us together because we have NEVER… EVER found anyone who does not keep their butter in the fridge, yet evidently… it’s a thing.



We are hugely confused by this, although we’re slightly intrigued because let’s be fair… half the time when we take the butter out we’re waiting for it to melt so we can spread it.

Could this be the dawning of a new time in our butter lives? Remember those butter dishes your grandmother had, and you never really understood why they were kept on the counter?

Do you also remember how easy it was to make a sandwich with that butter?




People have taken to the place we feel is best to hash out an argument… Twitter.


There’s a LOT of information to take from this debate… we know this. In researching this article we could not find a single soul who kept their butter anywhere but the fridge.

Think on this though… it doesn’t go bad, and it will constantly be soft and ready for spreading.

You ‘butter’ believe we’re trying this (apologies for the pun… you LOVED it).