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12th Dec 2018

Irish burrito named fourth most ordered dish in the world

Jade Hayden


Burritos are class.

They’re wet, they’re spicy, they’re delicious, they’re about eight different meals in one.

Honestly can’t go wrong with one.

Us Irish are kind of killing it when it comes to the burrito game too – we’ve got a solid number of options about the place that’d give even the most esteemed establishments in Mexico a run for their money.


Still though, we were fairly surprised to hear that one Irish burrito has ended up being the fourth most ordered dish on Deliveroo around the world.

Not even the fourth most ordered burrito, the fourth most ordered dish in general – trumping a load of curries, pastas, and burgers from around the globe.


The burrito in question comes from Boojum, which isn’t really all that surprising considering Boojum has the best burrito in all the land and if you think any different, you’re pretty much wrong.

Deliveroo released their most ordered dishes worldwide today – a top 10 list that made us extremely hungry and very frustrated that we weren’t tucking into some rice-based goodness right about now.

Here’s the top 10, in case you’re heading on holidays any time soon.

1. Pad Thai from Thai at Home, Paris

2. Cheeseburger from Five Guys, London

3. Sushi Poke Bowl from CALI-POKE, Dubai

4. Burrito from Boojum, Dublin

5. Bubble Tea from Tenren’s Tea, Hong Kong

6. Grilled Chicken Burrito from Guzman Y Gomez, Sydney

7. Burrito from Gonzalez & Co, Barcelona

8. Beef Burger from Tommi’s Burger Joint, Berlin

9. Poke Bowl from Temakery, Amsterdam

10. Hot Wings from KFC, Brighton

Other Irish spots also appearing in the top 100 were Umi Falafel, Xian Street Food, and Saba.

Doing well for ourselves, we are.