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02nd Jun 2017

Hurrah! The anti-aging gin has FINALLY arrived in Ireland

Louise Carroll

Drink gin and get younger looking? We’re in!

So, a while back we informed readers of the novel anti-aging gin, cleverly named CollaGin, that rejuvenates the skin while you drink. Simply amazing.

Well, now we have some even better news – it’s available for purchase in Ireland.

If you happen to be travelling somewhere, this beauty is available in The Loop and will cost you €60 for a 50ml bottle. So how does this gin keep you looking pert?

Well, it contains anti-aging botanicals such as pink grapefruit, orris, star anise and an added dollop of pure collagen.

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So, the next time you’re in the process of enjoying your mid-week tipple, you can indulge in that refreshing gin and tonic, knowing you’re only getting younger.

Happy days!