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09th Apr 2022

Everyone on TikTok is obsessing over this coffee orange juice recipe

Espresso orange juice TikTok trend

Another day, another TikTok foodie trend.

From feta pasta and cloud bread to whipped coffee, we have the video-sharing platform to thank for most viral foodie trends we have all obsessed over these last few years.

And this time, those crafty TikTokers have come up with a morning beverage that is actually so much more delicious than it sounds.

Say hello to the Espresso orange juice – or ‘Spritzy Americano’ if you will, a glorious combination of fresh orange juice, espresso and tonic water.

“I have not seen one person who likes espresso and orange juice not like them together,” says TikTok user @bundaddy, who recently shared a video of herself making this concoction with her followers.

“You think that you won’t [like it] — you will.”

@bundaddy stitch this and tag me. please. it is my FAVORITE THING. #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #CorollaCrossStep #coffee ♬ original sound – bundaddy

And turns out, she is not the only one who has jumped on the espresso orange juice bandwagon.

@eli_bang orange espresso tonic ? #espresso #coffeee #orangejuice #findyourcore #coffeetiktok ♬ paravi das cover of cloud 9 by beach bunny – paravi ???✨

However, the truth is the drink is not technically new – food magazine Bon Apetit actually wrote about the trend a couple of years ago – giving the refreshing tipple the rather catchy name “Spritzy Americano.”

And – lucky for us – they shared a recipe, making it a lot easier to recreate at home:

5 oz. of seltzer water

2 oz. of espresso

2 oz. of fresh orange juice.

“This lineup is flexible, but being within ½ oz. of those measurements will give you the right balance—just enough sweetness from the orange juice, and a body that feels neither thin nor sludgy. The texture of the Spritzy Americano is smooth and lightly carbonated. If you’re the type of person who needs a sweet coffee beverage, a splash of simple syrup is acceptable.”