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12th Aug 2018

Huge recall on pork products after been processed in ‘unapproved facility’

Olivia Hayes

This is something you never want to hear.

If you love your bacon – specifically Real Meats and Duhallow organic smoked bacon – then you might want to check your fridge or freezer.

The Irish Food Safety Authority has issued a recall notice after the pork was processed in an ‘unapproved facility’, which doesn’t sound too good at all.

Real Meats Label 1

Real Meats Label 2

The FSAI said: “All smoked pork products bearing a Real Meats or Duhallow Organic Label are being recalled. The smoked pork products were processed in an unapproved facility, which was not subject to official inspections.”

The recall applies to all batch codes and all best before dates. The meat is sold in shops and supermarkets all over the country. You are being advised to return the pork to your seller immediately.

Meanwhile, last month the FSAI close 13 restaurants and eateries around the country.

Restaurants in Dublin, Cork, Meath, Clare and Tipperary were issued with closure orders.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) issued 13 closures in the month of July, with 6 of those being in Dublin.

The restaurants and food vendors were all in breach of food safety regulations. You can check out more on that here.