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22nd Apr 2016

This hack makes shop-bought hummus fancy in 2 minutes


Katie Mythen-Lynch

When unexpected guests arrive, a quick plate of freshly chopped crudités is the ideal nibble to serve with a glass of wine. 

Choose the wrong shop-bought dip however and your veggie arrangement can go from classy to trashy in one move.

That’s why we are completely besotted with this brilliant hack from the ever-creative folk at Dinner: A Love Story. All you need to turn your hummus into a masterpiece is a few spoons of full fat Greek yogurt.

yog 2

Jenny, who first tried the pimped-put hummus at a neighbour’s house describes the taste: “The addition of yogurt gave it a subtle tang, but mostly it was about the texture. It’s crazy how much more appealing it looked than your average plastic-sealed supermarket variety.”

Want to try it at home? Dump your hummus into a pretty bowl, stir in your yogurt and top with olive oil, sea salt and a shake of paprika.

Serve with veggies and toasted pita bread. Accept all the compliments.

Recipe and images: Dinner: A Love Story