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21st Apr 2021

Fulfil launch new chocolate caramel protein bar… into space

Jade Hayden

A soft launch, this is not.

Fulfil have got themselves a new flavour – one for the gym heads, the working out from home heads, and the just-like-eating-protein-bars-despite-not-having-worked-out-in-approx-two-years heads.

The new protein and vitamin bar is chocolate caramel flavoured, and according to Fulful it tastes “out of this world.”

But rather than expect customers to take their word for it, Fulfil decided to go one step further and actually send the bar to space. Yes, really.

The brand created a special unit that was launched into the atmosphere via a specially engineered ‘space balloon’ with a camera attached.

The balloon travelled 100 kilometres into space and back, reaching its total height of 33,685m before eventually descending back to earth.

The bar spent a grand total of 55 minutes in space taking pics of the stunning surroundings, making it the first protein bar to ever experience the glorious cosmo in such a way, probably.

The launch also marks the sale of Fulfil’s 120 millionth bar, five years after its initial launch in Ireland in 2016. Since then, the company has cracked markets in the UK, the US, and the rest of Europe.

Managing director Alan Metcalfe said: “We thought reaching 120 million bars deserved a pretty epic celebration! We think our new FULFIL Chocolate Caramel flavour is out of this world, so we decided to prove it by sending it into space! We hope our fans love the new Chocolate Caramel flavour as much as we do!”

We’re sure they will, lads. People go mad for a decent protein bar.