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02nd Aug 2021

Frozen honey is the summer TikTok obsession we might just have to try for ourselves

Trine Jensen-Burke

Frozen honey summer TikTok obsession

Another bandwagon just waiting on us to jump on board.

When it comes to food trends, TikTok is the gift that keeps on giving.

From whipped coffees to baked feta, we just keep getting sucked into whatever viral cooking hack is trending.

And right now, the hashtag #frozenhoney has amassed nearly 300 million views. But what exactly is frozen honey and why are TikTok users so fascinated by it? We’ll (attempt to) explain this kitchen experiment turned summer dessert.

This DIY snack hack, which involves freezing honey in a plastic water bottle, is showing up all over the place, with people insisting it’s a (literally) cool way to enjoy honey.

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TBH; frozen honey is kinda what you’d imagine: honey that’s been stored in the freezer for a few hours. The thing is though, because honey is pretty much all sugar and very little water, it doesn’t really freeze, but rather turn gooey and almost slime-like.

Just take a look:

@cookingwithayehTiktok made me do it ?? #fyp #frozenhoney♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

However, be warned that the viral treat can be ‘brutal’ on your teeth, according to Mark Wolff, DDS, PhD, dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.

Speaking to Health magazine, Wolff says:

“Any time you harden something, you run the risk of breaking your teeth.”

@glossybearssexcuse when my hands where shaking trying to squeeze it out ? #MaybellineSwipeIt #foryou #fypシ

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