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18th Jun 2020

Flying Flamingo: There’s a new hard seltzer out and it’s *tropical* flavoured

Absolute scenes.

It seems as if everyone and their ma is launching a hard seltzer these days, but listen, it’s summertime, it’s bound to happen.

We may not have the weather for it right this second, but by God if we don’t have the alcohol.

Sure you’d almost believe you were sunning yourself in the Bahamas tucking into a cool, crisp can of tropical goodness…. Right?

Flying Flamingo is Ireland’s newest (and perhaps even tastiest) hard seltzer currently taking the fellow basic huns among us by storm.

From Dublin’s own Pearse Lyons Brewery and Distillery, the new seltzer comes in two fruity flavours: Peach Fizz and Pineapple Punch. And let me tell you: it does, indeed, pack a punch.

No, really. It’s tasty, like. Very pineapple-y.

Each 250ml can is only 90 calories, meaning that you could drink a whole rake of them (responsibly) and not experience that intense bloating associated with other fruity drinks.

The cans are 5%, gluten free, and naturally vegan too, so you’ve no excuse not to enjoy a few of them next time you’re hitting up the, eh, park (unless you’re not drinking alcohol, that is. In that case, best to avoid this exact product).

Pearse Lyons CCO Conor Farrell says that he expects Flying Flamingo to “lead the way” for refreshing fruity cocktails in 2020.

“Hard seltzers are an exciting new category in the ever growing drinks market and as leaders in the field, Pearse Lyons are delighted to be able to pioneer a fantastic Irish brand like Flying Flamingo.”

Flying Flamingo is currently available in Tesco for €3.00 a can, or four cans for €9.00.