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19th Jun 2021

Floral ice cubes are the summer trend you need for any garden party

These look seriously pretty.

As we begin to welcome guests into our gardens for BBQs and drinks, we may be forgiven for being a bit OTT when it comes to presentation.

Indeed, you can bet we have our best fairy lights draped across the patio, and our fanciest delf at hand. And while, lockdown has seen us seriously next-level our bar-tending skills, you better believe that our cocktails are tasting fresh.

But what if there was a super simple way to make our summer drinks look even prettier? Well, as it turns out, there is, and it involves edible flowers.

Earlier this year, we all became a little bit obsessed with edible flowers, and found ways to embellish our dishes and drinks with these little gems.

@astoldbymichellePink Floral Ice Cubes? Make sure flowers used are edible/non-toxic Inspo: @thekwendyhome @samishome ##Wee ##foodtiktok ##tiktokdrink ##fyp♬ Sunflower – Nostalgiabeats

The latest application for edible flowers, however, is nothing short of genius. Floral ice cubes are currently trending, and they promise to elevate your cocktail game.

To make them, simply put a little bit of water in your ice tray and then place your favourite edible flower on top. Next, fill the rest of the cube up with water and freeze. Once they’ve frozen, take them out and pop them into your favourite drink.

There’s no need to limit yourself to cocktails either. Floral ice cubes would look equally pretty in lemonade, iced-tea or fruit juice.

@samishomeReply to @heluvs.sophie ok choke on fruit ice cubes then ??♬ autumn – Wun Two

Just be sure that your edible flowers are safe to eat. Definitely opt for a reputable brand. Bumblebee Flower Farm in West Cork, for instance, sells edible flowers grown on this island.

On top of that, you can rest assured that you’ve made an environmentally friendly choice by buying from this Irish farm. Their motto is, after all, “Always Grown, Never Flown”.

You can also nab a packet of 20 viola mix McCormack edible flowers for €3.85 from Asia Market.