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13th Feb 2017

Europe’s first ALL AVOCADO eatery is opening (and we’re booking our flights)

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Move over Red Light district and dodgy cafés; there’s a new reason wanderlusters are flocking to Amsterdam: a new type of green is about to drop in town.

Turning the party city into a Mecca for those concerned about their macros, The Avocado Show will only serve food containing (you guessed it!) avocado.

Set to open in the uber hipster De Pijp district in the coming months, the concept is making headlines the world over.

So here’s the deal: From the pizza to the hot dogs, the fries to the burgers and even the chocolate smoothies, every item on the menu has been re-imagined to include as much of the popular pear as possible.

Founders Julien Zaal and Ron Simpson worked with chef Jaimie van Heije to create an offering that’s truly one of a kind in Europe. The company’s Facebook page invites franchise enquiries too, so we might be about to see The Avocado Show take the spotlight in more European cities in the near future.

“The possibilities are endless,’ they told the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, “Our only rule is that the dishes need to contain the green super fruit in one way or another.”

The opening date has yet to be announced but The Avocado Show is inviting a select number of foodies to test their menu before they throw open the doors. You can apply for a sneak peek here.

Our advice? Charge your iPhone battery and bring a power bank because this is going to be (bright green) Instagram gold.

Main image: Fooddeco