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26th Jul 2021

Espresso Biscoff Martinis are trending – here’s how to make one at home

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We’re sold.

We’re officially obsessed with all things Biscoff. We’ve seen Biscoff lattes, Biscoff fried chicken but now it’s time for something a lot different.

Biscoff Espresso Martinis are the next thing we need to try with this delicious spread, and they’re taking over the internet.

All you need for this one is espresso, vodka, creamy caramel liqueur, Biscoff spread and of course, Biscoff biscuits. We know exactly what we’ll be making this weekend.

You’ll need to grab a martini glass (if you have one) and a blender, it’s all so simple to do.

Grab some coffee liqueur, 30ml of espresso or coffee, a shot of vodka, 30g of Biscoff spread, as many Biscoff biscuits as your heart desires and some ice.

To get cracking on these, you’ll need to start by making the coffee and allowing for it to cool.

Then, blend this with the ice, vodka, coffee liqueur and Biscoff spread together, and once that’s done, pour it into your glass.

The final step is to crush up the biscuits and use them as a garnish, and voila, you’re done.