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12th Nov 2021

This Biscoff apple crumble is something you need to try this weekend

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Trying this tonight.

We love every recipe ever that involves Lotus Biscoffs, so when we got wind of this, it was game over.

One TikTok user has just created something incredible, he’s added Biscoffs to an apple crumble and it looks insane.

Fitness TikToker Sylvester Sweeney, or @sylvestersweenypt, has gone viral for the sweet dessert that has one of our favourite treats ever on it.

Perfect for a bite-size snack, the crumble is only made from four ingredients, we’re instantly sold.

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So here’s everything you’ll need to make this yourself at home, and it’s such an easy one to do.

Grab half an apple, roughly chopped, cinnamon powder to taste, 1 tbsp of maple syrup and two lots of Lotus Biscoff and you’re good to start.

Making this is simple, with only four steps. To start, cut up the apple into smaller pieces and then sprinkle some cinnamon powder over it and then “chuck it in the microwave for 45 seconds.”

Once heated up, pour the maple syrup on top of the apple chunks. Next, and this one is important, crush the Lotus Biscoff biscuits in a ramekin before putting the two together.

Finally, put it under the grill for a minute or two and you’re done.

But don’t just take our word for it, the comments were filled with other bakers and dessert lovers in general obsessing over this baked good.

User Christine Bissett (@christinebissett381) said: “Made this, it was amazing”.

“I’m so making this tonight,” another commenter said.

While the majority of replies were people who were clearly left speechless by this, saying: “omg.”