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11th Nov 2018

This Dublin restaurant is now selling a Nutella BURGER, and oh my sweet Lord

Hell yessss.

If the weather is getting you down and you want to fill the day with something fun rather than spend more time in your room waiting for the rain to stop, then we have the most perfect thing for you.

If you have been to Ruby’s Pizza and Grill before then you’ll know all about its menu (if you have not been, what are you doing with your life?). From the most deliciously mouthwatering chicken wings, to delish desserts such as Nutella pizza, they have just about everything and anything you could ever want.

Oh, and the cocktails. You have to try the glorious cocktails.

But anyway, if you have a sweet tooth and fancy giving into it today, then you have to try the Nutella burger.

Yep, something we’ve never seen before – by my God, do we want to try it.

The burger is basically Nutella deep fried in batter and served within a jam doughnut. It’s then topped with vanilla ice-cream and strawberries. YUM.

Check it out in Ruby’s Point Square and Pavilions Shopping Centre locations.

Main Image: Ruby’s Pizza and Grill