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19th Aug 2021

Mojito flavoured After Eights are coming to Irish shops

Sarah McKenna Barry

Who doesn’t love a cheeky mojito?

It’s no secret that After Eights are a top tier treat.

Everything about them screams luxury – from their ornate packaging, to the crisp dark chocolate coating, to the sweet, creamy filling.

On top of that, the sweets have always had a hidden allure. As children, we looked upon them very much as “an adult treat”, reserved for late night consumption. Nowadays, however, we’re just as happy to chomp on them at any hour of the day.

The folks over at After Eights have decided to add to that allure, and their latest innovation puts the sweets on that sophisticated pedestal once more.

Limited Edition After Eight Mojito and Mint sweets are set to hit Irish supermarkets in September, and our mouths are already watering at the idea.

That’s right – prepare yourselves for a delicious choccy featuring the flavours of the famous Cuban cocktail.

Ahead of the brand new flavour’s release, After Eight said: “It’s cocktail hour at After Eight, as the brand introduces its latest twist on a much-loved tipple – Mojito & Mint!

“Inspired by the classic Cuban cocktail, the deliciously zesty treat features Mojito and mint-flavoured fondant enrobed in rich dark chocolate, made with cocoa responsibly sourced through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan.”

They added: “Limited edition After Eight Mojito & Mint, which is available in a 200g carton, will hit major supermarkets and convenience stores across Ireland from the beginning of September.”

This isn’t the first time After Eight have infused their recipes with alcohol-inspired flavours. Last year, the company released a gin and tonic flavoured sweet, but we suspect the latest Mojito edition will go down just as well.

Billed as being both refreshing and zesty, we can definitely see these Mojito After Eights going down an absolute treat at our future dinner parties.