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01st Apr 2017

This is DEFINITELY a prank, but ‘just the creme’ Oreos are still causing a mighty fuss

Niamh Maher

We think they sound pretty good!

As a Journalist April Fool’s day is a veritable mine-field, you literally can’t take ANYTHING for granted. For the record, we have a feeling that the ‘all creme’ Oreos are not real, and we are NOT fools.

Despite our certainty, that hasn’t stopped Twitter from freaking out over them. On the one hand people are elated,

On the one hand people are elated, finally,  you can eat the delicious part of the Oreo without getting your teeth all black, on the other hand, people find it utterly revolting.

They’re quite passionate;


There’s no official line from Oreo on this ‘new’ type of cookie and to be honest we think April Fool’s Day is going a little too far with the food gags.

Between this and the Iceberger incident… we’re feeling a little fragile today! Lads just leave the food alone.