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01st Apr 2019

Penneys just pulled off the most hilarious April Fools’ Day prank, and we’re howling

Rebecca O'Keeffe


Bravo lads.

So as you all know, today is the first of April.

And that means that people all over the world will be playing jokes and pranks on each other.

You’ll have kids in schools doing it, co workers doing it, and even international businesses.

In fact, Penneys just pulled off a pretty hilarious April Fools’ Day prank, and we laughed out loud.

The brand took to Instagram to share their genius “new launch” this morning.

“Have you spotted something bold and blue in your capital city yet?” they wrote.

“We can officially reveal our latest innovation; the Primark sock vending machine, providing you with the essentials when you need them most.”

I mean, if we’re being honest, this is a brilliant idea, but sadly, it’s all a hoax.

And fans of the brand were quick to realise the joke, commenting on the snaps.

“I’m gonna go with this being an April fool’s trick,” wrote one fan.

Another wrote “If only this wasn’t an April fools joke.”

To be fair, the general consensus was that people wished the idea of a sock vending machine was real.

“I’m honestly soo sad this is an April Fool!”


However, bravo to Penneys for pulling off one hell of a prank.