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27th Mar 2019

This company wants to pay you €60,000 to travel the world and eat food

Well, this sounds class.

Basically all we want to do is travel and eat. There’s nothing better than visiting countries around the world and trying all the various cuisines and delicacies. It’s delish. It’s perfect. It’s what I hope to do with the rest of my life.

Well, if you have a background in the food industry or you’re a chef then it could literally be your life.

Vibrant Vegan Co is looking for someone to travel to places such as India, China, Turkey, Chile, Mexico and Japan to taste a ball load of food and find new flavours.

The ideal candidate for the job will travel for four months at a time and have a salary of £50,000 (€58,900).

The job advertisement says: “We are looking for an experienced individual with an excellent palate, to bring exciting new and innovative recipes to the UK as our new Director of Taste.

“You will be responsible for finding, then taste testing new exotic ingredients and recipes, which will be fed back and incorporated into our products.”

All expenses will be covered when you’re away including travel, accommodation and food. Also, even though it is a plant-based company you don’t need to be vegan to get the job – BUT, you must have three years experience.

Sound good? You can get more info on the job here.