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25th Dec 2021

Cheers! 3 delicious ways to pimp your Prosecco for New Year’s Eve

For the day that's in it.

Trine Jensen-Burke

3 delicious ways to pimp your Prosecco for New Year's Eve

Goodbye (and good riddance) 2021!

New Year’s Eve and 2022 is around the corner, guys, and if you are the hostess with the mostess this year, we have rounded up three seriously impressive ways to serve Prosecco to your guests – or yourself, whichever.

Get ready for the best bubbles of your life:

1. Turn it into a bellini

In particular this amazingly festive Pear Pomegranate Bellini – which not only tastes so good, but that also totally looks the part, we think.

Tip: Make some extra, these are almost too easy to drink!

2. Flavour it with an ice lolly

This might be our new favourite way to enjoy Prosecco. All you do is get a cartoon of your favourite flavoured ice lollies – or indeed make your own if you are that way inclined (any fruit or berry flavour will be great), plonk it into your glass of Prosecco and away you go.

The beauty of this is that the ice lolly will gently flavour your Prosecco as it melts, and vice versa, if you make sure your Prosecco is freezing cold when serving it, you ice lolly will take longer to melt and you can enjoy delicious licks of your Prosecco flavoured lolly in between the sips. Win-win.

(Image via Instagram/c_linarte)

3. Use berries or a cocktail syrup

Berries are a perfect way to add a little cocktail feel into your glass of Prosecco. Raspberries or blackberries are a delicious match, but any berries will do. If you freeze your berries first, they will also help keep your glass of Prosecco freezing cool for longer.

Alternatively, you can buy yourself a couple of different cocktails syrups (well-stocked supermarkets will have them), and add a drop to the bottom of your Prosecco glass for both colour and flavour.

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