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21st Oct 2020

You can order ‘F*ck Covid’ wine and everyone in Ireland needs some right now

It’s like this wine can read our minds.

With the country going into a second lockdown tonight I think most of us need a stiff drink.

It’s just, well…It’s been a year hasn’t it?

Sometimes you really just don’t know what to say but if I could some it up I think the label on this wine sums it up pretty well.

Yes that’s right ‘F*ck Covid-19’ wine exists and honestly I could do with a bottle.

The creators of the wine talk about what inspired their new collection on the Wines Direct Ireland website;

“We realise some of you may express this emotion using more sophisticated vernacular (straight away, we apologize to those curse averse).

Still, we can most likely get together on the overall sentiment.

Thanks to our good friend and winemaker Pier Paolo Antolini in Italy, we can express this overwhelming feeling by pouring a glass of fantastic wine. Pier Paolo sent Wines Direct a bottle of Amarone with the “F**K COVID label” when this all began and as days turned into months…well, it grew into a big F.U.

At this stage, together with Pier Paolo, we decided to create an exclusive case with a fabulous mix of wines to share in commiseration (and our passion for great wine) with you. So here it is, F**K COVID-19! Sláinte and Saluti!”

While I can’t see an option to buy a singular bottle of ‘F*ck Covid 19’ wine you can purchase a six bottle case for €145 which includes delivery.

Given how just about all of us are feeling the same way in these unprecedented times (could really do for some ‘precedented’ times) I’m sure your family and friends won’t mind chipping in on a case with you.

You can all have some during your Zoom table quiz, remember those?

Remember to always drink responsibly. For more information visit