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21st Jan 2021

You can now get your own personalised Coke cans for you and your mates

Every group of friends has got a Coca-Cola fiend among them.

A gal who can’t go a single day without cracking open a can. A woman who tried to give up the vice years ago but always came crawling back. A person who knows what they like and isn’t ashamed of it, and will continue to pound back the classic carbonated drink until the end of time.

And while many people might be trying their utmost to step away from fizzy drinks this January, the guys over at Coca-Cola have got a different idea. Instead of giving up something, why not make a resolution to do something instead?

And why not get that resolution personalised on your own Coke can too? Sound.

To inspire people to find hope and optimism this year, Coca-Cola wants its drinkers to look ahead to see how we can all be ‘Open To Better’ in 2021.

So, for a limited time, they’ve removed their iconic Coca‑Cola logo and replaced it with a series of uplifting resolutions. They’re also giving people the opportunity to design their own unique cans with personalised resolutions online.

The cans with the positive messages are available now and they include messages like ‘I promise to listen more just for you,’ ‘I will never watch our series without you again,’ and ‘I’m not the best at cooking but I’ll try.’

People can also order their own personalised cans online, emblazoning them with personal pledges to share with family and friends.

“At Coca-Cola, we see the world through a glass half full lens, and that’s why, despite the challenges we’ve all faced, the new Open to Better campaign focuses on inspiring hope and optimism in 2021,” said Karen O’Shea, Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola Ireland.

“By having positive messages replace the iconic logos and handing over Coca-Cola cans to consumers to personalise with their own #OpenToBetter pledges, we hope to in some small way help people to feel positive going into the new year and to bring a little fun into our everyday lives.”

You can order yourself a personalised can here.