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07th Apr 2021

You can now get a Colin the Caterpillar cake jar from M&S

Melissa Carton

We’ll take twelve!

When it comes to cakes Colin the Caterpillar is kind of an icon.

No matter what age you are, you’re not complaining if someone breaks out a Colin the Caterpillar cake for your birthday.

As much as we love dear Colin though, sometimes you want a treat that doesn’t require eating a whole cake to yourself when you’re home alone (even though we’ve all been tempted during lockdown).

Luckily M&S have just launched a new Colin based product that will no doubt be a big hit with Colin fans all over the country.

Yes that’s right, Marks and Spencers have just released a Colin the Caterpillar cake jar and we are going to need several immediately.

The Colin cake jar will be part of a new range of M&S cake jars and they all look delish.

Other flavours available in the new range include fruity raspberry ripple, an indulgent trillionaire’s cake and chocolatey Colin the Caterpillar.

Check them out below.

The Colincake jar is described on the M&S website as being filled with layers of all the Colin goodness.

These layers include a rich chocolate sponge, Belgian chocolate sauce, chocolate ganache, milk and white chocolate chips and a Colin the Caterpillar white chocolate face.

I’m honestly getting so hungry just reading the description.

The jars are currently available in UK stores for £4 but seeing as Colin is a huge hit in Ireland soon we can’t imagine it will be long before we start seeing them appear on Irish M&S shelves too.

That should give us just enough time to clear some room in the cupboard for all the new cake jars we’re going to need to store.

If we have got to be stuck in lockdown for the next few weeks we may as well do it with cake.