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27th Jun 2018

Black croissants are now all the rage despite looking like charcoal

Keep 'em.

Denise Curtin

I mean?

Lets set the scene… your nipping out of work for a quick coffee, thinking to yourself ‘hmm, maybe I will get something to accompany my coffee as a little treat for myself’, then you approach the counter of baked goods and you see this…

What looks like your average croissant however, made after a night out when someone fell asleep at 1am and left it baking ’till 8am.

The croissant is jet black and flaky in texture, similar to the delicious butter ones we all love except highly unattractive to the eye. So why are these croissants black? Well, it looks as if they are infused with literal charcoal, yep, exactly what they look like.

Titled “Charcoal Activated Vegan Croissant”, their slogan is “tastes better than it looks” which is quite alarming, however the creators have explained what is in them and why they look so hideous… incase you are tempted to try…

But it looks like people are not buying it.

Well, I think that settles that then.