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27th Sep 2021

3 Biscoff hot chocolate recipes to enjoy this winter

As the weather gets cooler, hot chocolate is an absolute must.

If one spread has emerged as top-tier throughout the past year and a half, it is, without a shadow of a doubt, Biscoff.

We’ve been tracking the biscuity spread trend for quite some time now, and it has weaseled its way into a variety of staples. At the height of summer, we were making Biscoff iced coffees. When we were given the green light to have garden parties, we had Biscoff espresso martinis ready to go. And, at one juncture, Biscoff fried chicken had its moment in the sun.

It therefore comes as no surprise that, as the nights draw in, Biscoff hot chocolates are the next logical step.

Recipes for this wintery drink are all over TikTok right now, with many creators adding their own personalised touch. Here are three we cannot wait to whip up on cold, autumnal nights.

1. Hot White Chocolate with Biscoff

TikToker @molly1287 came up with this recipe, and it’s perfect if your partial to a bit of white chocolate. To make it, add two tablespoons of Biscoff to your mug, and then cover them with a layer of white chocolate chips. Next, she pours a small amount of milk to the mug, and combines it with the spread and chocolate. Once these ingredients are mixed up, she pours in the rest of the hot milk.


@molly1287Think I may have just created something here?? ##foryoupage ##fyp ##cleantok ##biscoffspread ##hotchocolate ##creative♬ Shower x Corvette Corvette DJ Yames – Dj_yames

2. Poppycooks’ Biscoff ‘Not Hot Chocolate’

The hugely popular TikTok chef @Poppycooks describes this recipe as “the best thing she’s ever had in her whole life”, so we’d be remiss to exclude it from our list. For this one, she whips warm oat milk and Biscoff spread together in a jug and then pours it into a glass, which is already coated in the Lotus spread. Finally, she tops it all off with a generous dollop of whipped cream.


@poppycooksReply to @jaimmieriley Okay so if you do one thing this week… it’s try this Biscoff Hot Not Chocolate ?? ##biscoff ##lotus ##hotchocolate ##winter♬ 70s Mashup – Joebot the Robot ?

3. Baileys Biscoff Hot Chocolate

If you’re a fan of Baileys, then TikTok user @ellekourtis has you sorted with her Irish cream inspired drink. First, she mixes warm milk and Biscoff spread together, before adding hot chocolate powder. Then, she pops it into the microwave until it’s steamy, and ensures that the powder has dissolved. Finally, she adds a dash of Baileys, and it’s ready to be devoured.


@molly1287Think I may have just created something here?? ##foryoupage ##fyp ##cleantok ##biscoffspread ##hotchocolate ##creative♬ Shower x Corvette Corvette DJ Yames – Dj_yames