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28th Jul 2021

Apparently we’ve been eating Nutella wrong this whole time

Brb, we’re stocking up.

There’s nothing quite like Nutella is there? It’s perfect for everything, from an ice cream topping to covering your toast in the morning, there’s nothing it can’t do.

And as unreal as it is, apparently we’ve all been eating it wrong our entire lives – and when it comes to taking it out of the jar, we’ve really missed the mark.

According to one Reddit user, there’s a hack to eating the chocolatey hazelnut spread.

Calling themselves UD_Ramirez, the user posted on Reddit’s r/LifeProTips page, this tip will seriously change your life.

famous recipe

“My girlfriend taught me this. I found it hard to believe at first but it works time and time again,” they wrote.

“If you only take from the centre of the Nutella jar, the thickness of the Nutella stuck to the glass will pull it down. This will cause the sides to be perfectly clean by the next day.

“I suspect it is because of the cohesion of the Nutella pulling down the remains, and/or the thickness keeping the residue from drying out and sticking to the glass.

“Either way, I was surprised to see her trick works really well. No endless scratching to get the remains out by the end, except for the very bottom.”

Just think about much time and Nutella we’re going to save by not having to scrape at the sides anymore.

And be warned, due to Nutella having different ingredients in different countries due to food regulations, one user confirmed this works on UK Nutella just as well as the US version.

A user named SkiingGod wrote: “This works on UK Nutella. At uni, my weapon of choice was a full on dessert spoon. All you need to adjust is the ambient temp. I’d say 16C was enough for the UK stuff.”