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23rd Jul 2022

If you haven’t added Nutella to your iced coffee yet, you are not living your best life

Nutella Cold Brew

You’re about to save yourself a lot of money.

Every summer, I always seem to spend far too much money on iced coffees.

I justify it by saying to myself I bloody well deserve it, it is hot out, I don’t have any other vices etc, etc. But the truth is stull the same – far too much of my hard-earned cash goes towards coffee – and especially so in the summer.

The solution? Make iced coffee at home.

However, up until now, I have yet to find a recipe that would even come close to the iced coffees I would be able to get my hands on in one of my local coffee shops.

Those days are gone.

Enter the Nutella Cold Brew – AKA the summer beverage of dreams, and one I know I will be making forever more.

Just take a look:

Taking to Instagram to share her delicious-sounding Nutella Cold Brew, Robin Plotnik of @Whatrobineats has just managed to save me a lot of money, I think.

Here is her recipe:

Nutella Cold Brew:
* 2 tbsp homemade Nutella ( recipe on my blog – tap the link in my stories or my bio – search “Nutella” on my website
* 1/3 cup milk of choice
* 10 ounces prepared cold brew or regular coffee
* 1 scoop multi collagen
* Chocolate sauce for the glass, optional but recommended
* Ice cubes

* Add the Nutella, milk, coffee, and collagen to a blender and blend on high for 15-20 seconds.
* Add the chocolate sauce to the glass, then add the ice, and pour the blended coffee over the top.
* Give a little swirl then enjoy!