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10th Dec 2020

Aldi’s copper kitchen collection is back – featuring a hot chocolate maker

Dream sitch.

Aldi is selling a copper hot chocolate maker – and yes, you do need one just in time for Christmas.

Picture the scene, there: you, snuggled up in your house, with a mug of hot chocolate that is akin to that from your favourite café. Except it’s yours and you made it yourself. Scenes.

“Barista-style hot chocolate in no time!” reads the product description. “Just choose your choc, grate it into flakes, pour in the milk and this clever gadget does the rest.”

The hot chocolate maker comes with a 360° cordless jug, a self-locking stirrer, and a mini grater. You can choose from copper or stainless steel finish, but where would you be going with your stainless steel when copper is even an option?

Priced at just €44.25, there’s no doubting that this product is a bit of a steal (not a stainless steel, though). It’s also likely to sell out once it goes on sale, so if you were hoping to get your paws on one, you might want to act fast.

Thankfully, this isn’t the only copper product Aldi are going to be selling from next week. In fact, their entire copper kitchen collection is coming back into stores, so you’ll be able to pick yourself up some pans, gadgets, and utensils for a mere fraction of what you’d pay for them elsewhere.

The full list of products can be found below:

Large tri-ply copper pans: €44.25 each

Medium tri-ply copper pans: €34.42 each

Small tri-ply copper pans: €24.58 each

Copper kitchen gadgets: €3.92 each

Choose from grater, bottle opener, peeler, garlic press or can opener.

Copper utensils: €3.43 each 

Choose from slotted spatula, spoon, ladle, masher, tongs or pizza cutter.

Drinks tray: €15.73

Copper kitchenware is a great heat conductor, and is perfect for evenly cooking and roasting food, saving energy and regulating temperature.

The products are durable and corrosion-resistant, as well as hygienic, so you can be equal parts clean and cool while you’re cooking up a storm.

These products will be on Aldi stores from Tuesday, December 15.