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29th Aug 2020

3 boozy brunches in Dublin and Cork where the cocktail is king

Ah, the boozy brunch.

A delightful occasion where you can eat some nice food, drink some nice drinks, and maybe get a little bit buzzed as of an 11am on a Sunday.

The dream, tbh. And although Covid-19 restrictions here in Ireland have affected much of our ability to enjoy a casual tipple in the evening, they haven’t affected a good and decent boozy brunch.

As long as you’re not planning on staying past one hour and 45 minutes, obviously.

This is not a bottomless brunch, lads – this is a boozy brunch. There is a difference. The cocktails are incredible, they are not mass produced, and they are probably entirely more satisfying than the actual food itself.

So, without further ado, here are 3 spots in Dublin and Cork worth a shout if you fancy yourself some nice food – and even nicer cocktails (and not a Mr Brightside playlist in sight…).

1. Thundercut Alley, Dublin 

Margarita’s anyone?

If you’re in the market for one, this is the spot for you.

Tucked away in behind Smithfield’s Lighthouse cinema, Thundercut Alley boats an extensive craft cocktail menu, many of which are named after drag queens, so you know they’re good.

Cocktails start at €8.50 too, so you won’t need to entirely break the bank while you’re enjoying a bespoke drink with a delicious brunch. Speaking off, there’s all the classics like eggs Benedict, full Irish, and a whole host of tacos to keep you happy.

A very decent shout, if we ever saw one.

2. The Oyster Tavern, Cork 

Oysters, but dipped in G&Ts, you truly do love to see it.

Just kidding, that’s not what’s happening at all down at Cork’s Oyster Tavern. Rather, they’re serving up a delicious selection of small plates and incredible cocktails (totally separately).

The plates include tempura prawns and goats cheese crostini, but the cocktails are where the true magic is at.

Their offering may be small enough, but in this case it’s quality over quantity because these drinks are nothing short of divine.

Grab yourself a dirty martini if you’re looking to start the day off in style. G’wan, you deserve.

3. Balfes, The Westbury, Dublin 

The Westbury may not seem like the obvious choice when it comes to a casual mid-afternoon boozy jaunt, but trust me, their new cocktail menu is nothing short of glorious.

Balfes recently launched their new all-day menu offering up a selection of tasty treats, stunning desserts, and even more delicious drinks.

The brunch options are standard enough, but the food highlight of the new menu has to be the desserts. We’re talking crème brûlée, we’re talking baked lemon tart, or the gorgeous Cru Virunga chocolate fondant with golden honeycomb and crème fraîche.

The cocktails are expensive (€14 a pop), but they’re fairly unreal, aesthetically pleasing, and sure to give you a good boozy buzz for the day ahead.

May we recommend the White Label, a tasty little number made with pandan leaf-infused Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey and white chocolate-infused white port.

Honestly, next level.