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30th Jun 2021

It’s 2021 and we’re only just learning how to properly roll a burrito

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We’ve been doing it all wrong.

Burrito making is a tricky business, the wrap always bursts open or there isn’t enough tortilla to contain the filling.

But most of the time we get it right, right?

According to one TikTok user, we’ve been rolling our burritos all wrong, and they’re here to show us exactly how to change that.

User @f0hnzie took to the social media app to teach us how to roll burritos and it’s a whole lot easier than we thought.

The user says: “I was today years old when I learned how to properly roll a burrito.”

@f0hnzie##Howto roll a ##burrito ##cooking ##food♬ Cooking – Oleg Kirilkov

And apparently 766 thousand others didn’t know either, because that’s how many people liked the video, with 7.3 million views.

The user goes on to explain how to do it, saying: “You fold the sides twice to pinch the ends, it’s a hexagon, not a rectangle.”

Flawlessly rolling the burrito, packed full of toppings, this TikToker makes it look so easy that we’re so surprised we never knew before.

Of course, if you work in Boojum, Tolteca, or anywhere that does burritos, this isn’t news to you.

Followers piled into the comments to say how happy they were that they finally know how to do it properly.

One said: “thank you sir God Bless.”

Another said: “Saving this for next time.”

One joked: “I’m legit in the middle of eating a burrito that is falling apart.”

Another gave us a useful tip to live by: “And if you warm it up a bit before, it will be stretchy and won’t rip if there are a lot of toppings!”