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06th May 2019

11 weird food combinations that Irish people consider completely normal


There are some things that are immediately recognised as being traditionally Irish such as our penchant for a good old crisp sandwich or our belief that a cup of tea solves every problem.

However, the Irish are also pretty well known for having a lot of random food combinations that many others just don’t really get.

Here are some of our weird and wonderful favourites.


Crisp sandwiches

There is only one snack that can take the number one spot for Irish people. Regardless of whether you are a King or Tayto lover, crisp sandwiches are the ultimate comfort food.

Garlic Cheese Chips

We’ve all been there – either indulging ourselves after a night out, or surrounded by friends who do. Curry cheese chips are another firm favourite and people get VERY protective over their portion.


Rich Tea and Butter

The ultimate after school snack, whoever thought of putting butter on Rich Tea or Digestive biscuits was an absolute genius.


There is certainly a lot of grá for this dish, particularly in Dublin.


Ham sandwiches… with ketchup

Yes, you did read that right. Apparently, this is a firm favourite for many.

Bacon and Cabbage

One of the old favourites and the ultimate reminder of your grandparent’s house, bacon and cabbage was a firm staple of the Irish diet.

Chicken fillet rolls and… well anything

There is a slight obsession in Ireland for chicken fillet rolls, mixed with pretty much anything. Rumour has it there’s a few people who like adding curry sauce…


The ultimate hangover cure

The greasy fry-up the morning after the night before is not just an Irish tradition, but from adding mackerel to boiled potatoes, fried bread to lamb chops, the Irish certainly know how to put their own spin on it.

Banana sandwiches

The childhood comfort food for many, banana sandwiches are another slightly random – but pretty good – snack… until you put a slice of corned beef in. Yes, people do that.


What rice?

Irish people love nothing more than a good chicken curry… but most of us give into the half and half temptation of chips and rice. Or just chips.


Pizza with tomato ketchup sprayed across the top of? That’s definitely a weird one in our books. A number of people who shall remain unnamed have admitted to mashing red sauce into their potatoes too.


A double breakfast

Fancy some cereal for breakfast or maybe some toast? Why not try and combine the two and eat a cornflakes sandwich. It has happened. And it was good.

Sprinkle some magic

If you are anything like us and love nothing more than a cheese toasty under the grill, why not try one of our writer’s recommendations and sprinkle some of a red OXO cube on top as the cheese melts? Apparently, that’s a thing.


Honourable mention…

How many people tried the tea with brown sauce combination from Intermission? We couldn’t do that to a cup of tea!