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25th Sep 2023

Welded bracelets: The perfect sentimental experience and gift for a cherished loved one

As we fast approach Christmas, what to purchase our nearest and dearest is likely coming to the forefront of our minds.

We don’t want to give someone a present that ends up lost before we ring in the new year, or worse, returned as soon as the St. Stephen’s Day sales begin.

If you’re looking for a gift that doubles as an experience, a permanent, welded-piece bracelet may be the perfect option.

Dylan Oaks, located in Dublin’s Liffey Valley shopping centre, has a gorgeous space to welcome you and/or a loved one to have a piece of jewellery of your choosing put on for life (or for as long as you are comfortable having it on).

Staff inside have seen hen parties, mothers and daughters, children, and so on, step inside to have a sentimental keepsake welded around their wrists.

The selection process is one that is so special that you can see why this emerging jewellery trend is gaining momentum.

Want to introduce some timeless and meaningful jewellery into a child’s life without the fear they’ll lose it? Welded bracelet.

Looking to gift something to a friend who is heading off on their travels to look at and remember home? Welded bracelet.

In search of a special gift to bond you with a special person? Matching welded bracelet.

In store, you are measured after you choose which chain you like best; this is the only hard part, as there are such beautiful options in both 9k solid white gold and 9k solid yellow gold.

You then decide if you would like to opt for a charm, either an initial or a healing crystal with incredibly beautiful well-wishing sentiments behind them.

Emerald was the crystal of choice for me for its personal growth and confidence-healing properties, and I then decided on the infinity chain for its delicate, dainty, and feminine look.

You may have some questions about permanent jewellery, because I certainly did.

It’s perfectly okay that it gets wet, so don’t worry about showering or swimming, and the bracelet won’t sound alarms going through airport security.

The only thing to be mindful of is using creams and perfumes near it, as it may cause it to dull over time, and, while it is extremely sturdy, you do need to be careful not to catch your chain on anything.

You can have it removed at anytime in-store at Dylan Oaks, but trust me, you won’t want to.

This is a lovely excuse to get out to the shopping centre, and the welding experience is such an interesting one to watch. It is such a special way to gift and allow someone to be reminded of how much you love them every day until forever.

You can make an appointment for one person up to four at the same time here.