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08th Aug 2023

TikTok grandmother hits back at online critics that say she is ‘too old’ to dress sexy


More power to her!

Canadian content creator, Erikka Devine, has caught the attention of close to 155,000 followers users on TikTok (@mserikka) and over 900,000 on Instagram (@erikka.devine) for her glamorous and youthful appearance.

The 56-year-old does not shy away from her age, in fact, she wears it as a badge of honour, often signing off her videos with the hashtags #maturewomen, #womenover50, and #grandmas.

However, she has also been on the receiving end of some backlash from some users who say she is too old to wear the revealing clothes she likes to show off in her sultry videos.

Often donning mini-skirts, stilettos, and low-cut clothing, the grandmother isn’t afraid to show off her figure.

One user commented: “Even grandmas are seeking validation and attention. I imagine you’re single aren’t you?”

Another asked: “Why do pensioners feel they are much better than they really are?'”


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However, many have applauded the grandmother’s confidence, youthful energy, and ability to shake off the nay-sayers.

“I’m only JUST 57 (a few days ago) and I agree with you, wear what you want , whatever makes you feel/look great I say,” one user declared.

Another said: “You make some really nice videos keep doing what you’re doing.”

What is your take? Should your clothing have to change with age?

Who knows, perhaps the secret to youthful looks is dressing for the age you want to be!