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18th Feb 2015

PICTURE: The Hidden Cost of Moving In With Your Boyfriend

One Irish girl wasn't counting on this when she made the decision to move...

Rebecca McKnight

Sisters before misters.

Unless of course you have reached the stage of life when you’ve decided you’re ready to share a house with your significant other, and you have a little sister who’s feeling sad to be left behind.

Tanita Campbell in Longford recently decided to make that big move. As so many of us know, getting out from under mam and dad’s feet to share a home with your beloved can be both a blessing and a curse – but here’s one downside Tanita probably wasn’t expecting.

Enter little sister Emma, age 5, who provided an illustrated version of her feelings on her big sister’s big step.

Explaining how much she would miss her sibling, Emma said she “will be crying” and would like to know how many days Tanita will be gone for.

To save it from being a complete guilt trip – the youngster added that she hoped her big sis has a good time.

Too cute.



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