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11th May 2016

This new dad can’t stop pranking his partner with pictures of their baby

Matt Coyne keeps dreaming up hilarious situations for baby Charlie to end up in.

There’s Dad jokes and then there’s this.

New Dad Matt Coyne has been charming us for some months now with his brutally honest parenting blog Man vs. Baby.

Since the birth of baby boy Charlie, Matt and partner Lyns have charted their journey through new parenthood; full of tips, advice and witty observations for people about raising a child.

Or has he glibly put it, about finding out ‘it is possible to have so little sleep that your balls hurt.’


Matt’s latest fun tip from the week is to “prank your partner when she goes back to work after maternity leave”.

‘It’s true to say that as Lyns walked out the door that first morning there were quite a few tears, sobbing, and protest-soiling.. but, in my defence, by lunchtime I had calmed down a bit,’ Matt explained in a Facebook post.

Lyns was understandably worried about leaving baby Charlie in Matt’s hands.

So, of course, Matt pranked her.


At the start Lynn took Matt’s photoshopped images well in stride asking ‘Haha very funny where are you really?’.

So, Matt pranked her again.


And again.


And again.


Which caused Lyns to message ‘I swear I’m coming home to punch you in the testicles. What are you doing – really! Has he been ok? x’.

Which is pretty understandable Lyns, if only because we’re wondering where Matt found time to knock up all these baby photos.

Still, the pair remain happy and safe after their big day out.

That’s Lyns and Charlie we mean.

For all we know Matt could be in the dog house. Ooops.

All images via Man vs. Baby.