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25th Apr 2016

Australian airline body shames mother for breastfeeding

Jetstar need to cop on...

Rebecca Keane

Breastfeeding in public can be a difficult task.

It can be difficult for women to feed their babies in public without interfering strangers or questionable glances from weirdos. There are so many things to juggle that the last thing women expect is judgement from others.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what one Australian woman, encountered while on a Jetstar flight in Australia.

According to, mother Natalie Jane Sawyer said she was on a Jetstar flight from Brisbane to Townsville at 6am on a Monday morning and had been pumping breast milk when a crew member politely asked her to “cover up”.

Ms Sawyer shared on Jetstar’s Facebook page (in a post which has since been deleted):

“I (sic) was asked by one of your flight crew if i had a cover to cover myself up because people would be coming down the aisle to go to the bathroom,

“I had a pumping bra on so no part of my boobs could be seen and a shirt covering my pumps.

“I began pumping as soon as all the passengers were seated and was almost finished pumping by the time the seat belt sign was turned off.”

Sawyer said she had taken a picture of herself pumping on the plane to send to her mother to show her how proud she was of being able to pump in public, but the image ended up being used to ask Jetstar to ‘retrain their staff’.

We won’t be taking a Jetstar flight any time soon.