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26th Aug 2019

16 sunny and stunning Greek baby names to suit baby boys and baby girls

Melissa Carton

Greece is a country that has been inspiring baby names for thousands of years.

With some of the world’s oldest and most well-known history, especially when it comes to their myths and legends, how could we not dedicate a feature to Greek baby names?

Now I may be a little bias in thinking that Greek names are beautiful with many of my family members, including myself, having a name that hails from Greece.

Below are sixteen stunning Greek baby names inspired by the gods and goddesses and the elements of nature.

Which of these is your favourite?

  1. Nysa – ambition
  2. Ezio – eagle
  3. Alethea – truth
  4. Philip – loving
  5. Desma – pledge
  6. Mateo – gift
  7. Melissa – honey bee
  8. Nikos – victory
  9. Thalia – flourish
  10. Alexander – defender
  11. Athena – wise
  12. Eros – love
  13. Phoebe – bright
  14. Adonis – handsome
  15. Megara – Pearl
  16. Jason – healer