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05th Apr 2022

10 currently unpopular baby names we feel actually deserve another chance

Trends are a fickle thing, aren’t they? One minute something is in, the next it is SO over.

This is also the case with baby names, of course, that tend to swing in and out of fashion through the years.

Looking to find a name for your baby that they don’t have to share with half the kids on their future class-list? These might do the job:

1. Angela

Such a pretty name for a little girl, yet no-one seems to want it anymore.

2. Leonard

We think this one is such a classic! Oh, and you can shorten it to the very sweet ‘Leo’ too.

3. Miley

Poor aul’ Miley. In recent years, the once very popular (in the US at least) name has dropped more than 400 spots on the lists of names parents chose for their baby girls.

4. Craig

It was a good ride, Craig. After staying one of the top 100 names (in the US) for most of the twentieth century, this Scottish name meaning “crag or rock” has dropped, well, like a rock recently.

5. Duncan

Now, who is going to buck the trend and go with Duncan this year?

6. Donna

Oh, Donna. Any fans of Beverly Hills 90210 who might feel like honouring the fabulous Donna Martin?

7. Dean

We really like Dean! And you can say you named him after the very stylish Dublin boutique hotel, obvs.

8. Courtney

Courtney was in the top 200 in the US for more than 30 years, peaking in 1995. According to Nameberry, it started declining in 2003 and hasn’t stopped.

9. Malcolm

Not even Malcolm in the Middle has been able to save this one.

10. Wendy

Wendy is a sweet and traditional girl’s name we feel is about time swung back into fashion.