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17th Mar 2023

10 stunning – and unusual – Irish baby names for the week that’s in it

Trine Jensen-Burke

Want to bestow a real Irish name on your baby, but not keen on one that is overly popular right now?

Step right this way.

We have round up 10 Irish baby names that are all sorts of lovely, but have yet to make it into the most popular names charts.

And if your baby is due around St. Patrick’s Day, I mean; how can you not opt for an Irish moniker?

1. Éatan


The Irish version of Ethan.

2. Almaith

(girls or boys)

An early Irish name, used for both boys and girls, meaning ‘all good’.

3. Siún


A variant of Siobhan thought to mean “God is gracious”, or (according to some sources) “peace”.

4. Cadhla

(girls or boys)

Cadhla is a unisex name, used as a boy name and a girl name, and the meaning is thought to be “beautiful; handsome.”

5. Éanna


Eanna means ‘birdlike’ and is a variant of the name Enda. It was a prestigious name given to kings, heroes and even a saint.

6. Mealla


Mealla actually means ‘lightning’, and was the regular choice of several holy women of Ireland. It has been suggested that because of its similarity to the Nordic name Mella, it first made its way to Ireland with the Vikings in the 9th and 10th centuries.

7. Oengus 


The Irish form of the Scottish name Aengus, and thought to mean “choice” or “the one.”

8. Étaín


In Irish mythology, she was a sun and horse goddess who was the lover of Midi.

9. Segan


Origin and meaning of name unknown.

10. Síohmha


From ‘Síth-maith’ meaning ‘good peace’.